Letter From the CEO

Tanaine Jenkins

A dream derailed is not a dream destroyed. Everything I Am Co expands into more than just a clothing line. It is everything I didn’t know I could be, until now.

After being sentenced to 24 months in the Department of Corrections, there was doubt and fear that plagued me when I was released. I felt barreled with flaws, and I struggled to mute the noise that filled my thoughts. What was I? The continuous negativity that covered my life took a toll on the way I viewed myself.

With a lot of hard work and mental dedication, I moved towards turning my problems into passions, and soon, my purpose.

As someone that has felt unworthy and limited, I see it as my mission to help people climb out of the holes they view themselves in. We are all worthy. Worthy of respect, worthy of second chances, and worthy of feeling whole.

Everything I Am Co encompasses the mission that we strongly believe in, helping reduce the recidivism rate by displaying the positive possibility that lies behind our lessons and giving those recently released from prison the tools needed to succeed.

Our past does not define our futures. With each experience, we can make a difference in how someone looks in the mirror. I Am Everything I Am because of what I’ve learned and how I worked towards a change.

You are worthy, and we are excited to showcase for you our clothing line, aimed to give you so much more than just a garment, but a message.





Everything I Am